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Acoustic panels - Canada makes acoustic panels for offices and restaurants, in Canada.

Our acoustic panels are made in Canada, in Toronto. We manufacture acoustic panels, we deliver them, and we install them. Our acoustic panels are made for businesses in Canada.

If you are searching for Acoustic panels Canada, chances are you started searching for the phrase, acoustic panels. You probably then found that there were pages of acoustic panel providers from the US, or providers in Canada that provided acoustic panels, but did not install them, and if they installed them, they subcontracted the installation out. is Canadian, and is located in Toronto, Canada and Oakville Canada. We manufacture our own acoustic panels here in Canada, and we install them ourselves. We provide a complete turnkey solution for Canada.


Looking for acoustic panels that are made in The US? or China?

There are lots of acoustic panel resellers in the US. But there is the cost of the currency conversion, shipping, duties and taxes. acoustic panels are all made in Canada. They are made in a controlled insured environment. We make thousands of panels a year, that are designed, manaufactured and installed in offices and restaurants.

Who else makes acoustic panels in Canada?

In British Columbia : Geometrik

In Edmonton Fabr-wall:

In Montreal there is Economilk:

In Toronto there is us: :

Home Depot sells acoustic panels in the United States. You will have to allow for duty, freight etc.

If you are looking to install the acoustic panels yourself, Acoustic panels canada is an option. They are located in Mississauga. Acoustic panels canada will ship anywhere in Canada. All panels that panels canada makes are made in Mississauga. They are a great option for home studios and recording studios.

Things to look for in an acoustic panel contractor in Canada.

Make sure that the Canadian acoustic contractor you choose:
- Is Insured and has liability insurance.
- Has Current with WSIB
- Has at heights training
- Is able to provide a guarantee, we offer a money back guarantee

What kind of acoustic panels are the best in Canada?

Stay away from acoustic panels made with wood and glue. make sure that all the materials used in the construction of the acoustic panels are fire rated.

What makes an acoustic panel good enough to put in an office or restaurant?

Most acoustic panels are covered with fabric. It is important that high quality acoustic fabric is used. High quality fabric looks much better, but costs a little more.
It is also important that the fabric is wrapped tightly around the panel frame, and not glued to the surface. This keeps the lines clean and tight, providing a very professional look.

What other benefits are there of using an acoustic panel supplier from Canada?

We can usually be onsite to do a formal quote, at your office or restaurant within 2 to 3 days. We can then provide a quote within a couple of days after that. See these instructions for getting a quote.

Because we are local, and we manufacture and install, we can typically manufacture, deliver and install the acoustic panels within 2 to 3 weeks.

What other added value services do you provide?

We provide you with a visual acoustic panel layout to review, so that you can see exactly where the panels will be installed.

We provide you with the results of our acoustic panel coverage calculator, so that you can understand why we are recommending the given coverage.

We come back for final measurements, to ensure nothing has changed in the rooms and we fine tune the layout and confirm the dimensions of the space.

After the manufacturing process we deliver the panels, and install them at a time convenient to you. We work after hours and weekends quite often. See the full process here.

Looking to make your own Acoustic Panels?

Here are some basic instructions, related to making your own acoustic panels. There are lots of youtube videos, demonstrating the construction and assembly of homemade acoustic panels.

What makes your acoustic panels better than others?

There are two type of acoustic panels, acoustic panels with internal frames and ones without. Our acoustic panels are designed and manufactured with an internal aluminum extruded frame.

The panels without frames tend to have edges that are not as tight and clean looking. This is because the fabric is laid across the media, and glued to the face, without applying tension across the acoustic panel. Acoustic panels without frames are also difficult to install on ceilings.

Acoustic panels with internal frames can have the fabric pulled tight across the face, providing a cleaner look. Acoustic panels with an internal frame, also keeps the fabric off of the acoustic media, making it easier to pass through the fabric into the acoustic media.

Please come down to our manufacturing facility and we can show you around.

How do you figure out how many acoustic panels to install to reduce the noise level?

We use our acoustic panel coverage calculator. We then figure out where to install the acoustic panels. In a perfect cube room, with nothing on the walls or ceiling (like a squash court), we would take 2 perpendicular surfaces, and a third if possible. When you try to come up with a configuration, try to remember that sound will reflect off of parallel surfaces first. All you need to do is address one of those surfaces.

Is it necessary to cover the complete wall with acoustic panels?

We cover parts of walls and ceilings. To cover the whole wall perfectly would mean some construction, its simply not cost effective. There are full coverage acoustical treatments, but we don't provide that solution. You might try FabricMate for this solution.

Is there any guarantee that comes with your Acoustic panels?

If you accept our recommendation on number of acoustic panels, sizes and layout, if you are not satisfied for any reason with the performance of the acoustic panels, we will provide a full refund, no questions asked.

How do you calculate how many acoustic panels are required?

We use an acoustic coverage calculator that provides us with the acoustic panel square foot coverage required. We tried to get the recommended acoustic coverage, but that is not always possible, given some spaces have a great deal of fixtures on the walls or ceilings. But we do tell you how much coverage we can provide upfront, of the 100% required.

How do you figure out where to place the acoustic panels in a room?

We try to install the acoustic panels on at least 2 perpendicular planes. If you just cover parallel reflective surfaces, such as opposing walls, you will still hear echo from the remaining walls.Read more about acoustic panel placement.

Do you offer the acoustic panels in different colour fabric and styles?

We have over 100 different fabric styles and colours to chose from. The fabric is wrapped tight around the acoustic panel. All of the fabric that we provide is from a Canadian manufacturer.

Can the acoustic panels have images, logos printed on them?

Yes, we can print almost any image on our acoustic panels, as long as the image is high resolution. Read more about this option.

What happens if an acoustic panel is damaged after it is installed?

Because we are local to, and work from Toronto, Canada, we deliver and install the replacement acoustic panel onsite, usually within a few days. 

How are the acoustic panels made?

The acoustic panels are made in our manufacturing facility in Oakville, manufactured for each job. We manufacture one of the strongest internal frames for the acoustic panel, and we cover the panel with some the best quality acoustically transparent fabrics. Let us know if you would like to come into the shop or showroom next door.

Can we remove the acoustic panels from the walls or ceilings?

Yes, you can remove the acoustic panels yourself, and put them back up yourself.

Are your acoustic panels made with Class A fire retardant material?

Yes, all of our acoustic panels are made with Class A fire retardant material.

Can we come down and see the facility?

Yes, you are welcome to come down and see the manufacturing facility. We would love to give you a tour anytime. We have 2 units, one is the office and the wrapping station and the other is the manufacturing unit.

What tools are used in making the acoustic panels?

We use a metal cut-off saw to cut the aluminum extruded channels, we can cut up to 20 pieces at a time. We use a standing drill press to pre-drill holes in the channels. We then prefabricate the end pieces, using the channel and flat aluminum bar, and an aluminum cube. We assemble the panel on a large table, using rivets to fasten the pieces together. The acoustic panel is then moved to our wrapping department next door, where fabric is drawn tight over the panel, and securely fastened to the back of the panel. You are welcome to visit our manufacturing plant in Oakville.

Why don't you manufacture and install acoustic baffles?

Acoustic baffles are hung from the ceiling, and unfortunately in Ontario, sprinklers run across the ceiling. Installing acoustic baffles under the sprinkler would violate, building and fire code. Acoustic panels are more economical and cost effective.

What is the next step to proceed?

Email sara, your details to start the process. The next time you are searching for Acoustic panels canada, bookmark us on browser, chat with Sara in the Chat window, we will take the time to answer all of your questions. Feel free to stop by the shop too.

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