acoustic panel supplier

Acoustic panel supplier

We would love to be your acoustic panels supplier. we make them in our facility in Oakville, but we supply them to Toronto, and the GTA. For supply only, the lead time is a week or two, for supply and install, the lead time is two to three weeks.

We pack them securely, to ensure they aren't damaged during shipping. We do not subcontract the shipping. We don't charge for delivery if you are within 100km of Toronto.

If we are only supplying the acoustic panels, we require sign off upon delivery that the panels are not damaged.

If you are installing the panels yourself, read how to install the acoustic panels on the wall

Read these instructions if panels are going to be installed on the ceiling.

To figure out how many acoustic panels you may need for your space, read our acoustic panel coverage calculator page.

Read the acoustic panel placement guide to understand where to install the acoustic If you should decide that you do not wish to install the acoustic panels after all, we would be happy to do the installation for you.

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