acoustic panel room kit

Acoustic panel room kits

What is an acoustic panel room kit?

An acoustic panel room kit is simply a predefined number and sizes of acoustic panels, sold as a group.

When would I buy an acoustic panel room kit?

Acoustic panel room kits are ideal for home theatres. The acoustic panels have been designed, for specific room sizes.

If I buy an acoustic panel room kit, can I choose where to place the acoustic panels?

Typically the acoustic panel room kits dictate where the panels have to placed to be effective.

Do acoustic panel room kits have acoustic panels that are attractive?

The acoustic panels, that come in these kits will look adequate for a basement home theatre, but not for an office or restaurant.

Can I copy existing acoustic panel room kits, and make my own?

Yes, follow our instructions on how to make your own acoustic panels.

Who sells acoustic panel room kits?

Typically music stores will resell acoustic panel room kits.

Are acoustic panels in a room kit difficult to install?

Room kits come with detailed instructions on how to install the acoustic panels. Typically these kits are installed using impalers for the wall panels.

Can make acoustic panels, similar to a room kit?

We can, but because our acoustic panels are designed for offices and restaurants, our acoustic panel room kit will be more expensive.

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