acoustic panel placement

Acoustic panel placement

What is the best acoustic panel layout?

The best acoustic panel layout would be one that captures the partial surface of each of 6 six surfaces in a room.

Did you say there are 6 surfaces in a room?

Yes, think of a room like a cube, 4 walls, floor and a ceiling. We dont' usually think of the floor as a surface, but it is, and polished concrete floors are especially reflective.

Are walls or ceilings the best to install acoustic panels?

If I had to choose one or the other, I would suggest the ceiling, as sound will always find it's way there to be captured.

Is there any kind of acoustic math to determine how many acoustic panels to install in a room?

Yes, we have an acoustic panels coverage calculator. Generally it is .03 multiplied by the volume of the room.

Here is a short video on how effective acoustic panel placement can be

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