acoustic panel manufacturing facility in toronto in oakville

Our acoustic panel manufacturing facility

Can I  come in to see how we make the acoustic panels?

Yes, we would love to give you a tour, and show you around.

Where is it?

We are in Toronto and Oakville, but the manufacturing facility is in Oakville. 481 North Service Road West Unit A2, Oakville, Ontario.

Should I call first?

No need, we are always here, just come by.

How do you make the acoustic panels?

We make them in 2 different industrial units, that are side by side. Unit A3 is the actual manufacturing unit, Unit A2 is the Wrapping unit, and the office. Each unit is about 1400 square feet.

How much material do you have to store to make the acoustic panels?

We typically buy materials in the tons, except for fabric, we buy 60 yards of fabric at time. We stock almost everything in our Oakville location.

What materials do you use to make your acoustic panels?

We use, extruded aluminum, flat aluminum bar, aluminum square bar, rivets, acoustic material, and acoustic fabric from The Victor Group.

What type of tools are used for the fabrication process?

We use a floor drill press, rivet gun, metal cut-off saw, and a grinder.

How long does it take to assemble an acoustic panel?

From beginning to end it takes about 2 to 3 hours in total, depending if the acoustic panel is going on the wall or ceiling. The ceiling panel takes takes at least 25% longer , as more supports are required. The supports are there to stop sagging when installed on the ceiling. 

Is insured?

Yes, we are, WSIB and full liability insurance.

What does the actual manufacturing process look like?

For both acoustic panels for walls and acoustic panels for the ceiling, we start with cutting all the metal required with the cut-off saw, that includes extruded aluminum, aluminum flat bar, and aluminum square bar. Then we go assemble the pieces around the acoustic media, and rivet them into place. Once the corners are ground down to take the edge off, the panels gets marked, as to which job it is for, and what size it is. Read more about the construction and assembly of our panels.

What is the next phase of the process?

The next phase is wrapping. The wrapping station is next door in Unit A2. Where the wrapping takes place on a 5'x10 table covered in a sheet of polished stainless steel. There are rolls of acoustic fabric that are fed from hangers on the wall, to the table. The fabric is cut with a special hot knife.

What happens to the panel after it is wrapped in fabric?

The acoustic panels are then wrapped with plastic on both ends to protect them during the storage and shipping process. They are then placed on a shelf that runs almost the length of the shop, leaning against the wall.

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