acoustic panel loaner program

Acoustic panel loaner program

How does this program work?

Typically after the customer approves the estimate range provided, we are able to drop off acoustic panels to your office, that lean against the wall.

Is there any cost involved?

There is no cost involved, we do this free of charge

How do the loaner panels work?

We don't offer this program to restaurants, but we do offer them to offices. We simply lean the 8' high loaner panels against the wall around the room. We leave them with you for about a week, you can move them around from office to office also.

Does it really simulate the real thing?

Yes, if the ceiling is under 10 feet, they do represent the real thing. You are able to move the panels around from room to room. The best way to determine the number panels, is trial and error with our loaner panels. Fill the room with our panels, until the reverb and echo is eliminated, then start removing panels one by one, until the echo returns.

The other method to determine how many panels will be required is to use our acoustic coverage calculator. This will make a recommendation based on the cubic feet of the room.

What if the loaner acoustic panels don't work for us.

The only reason the panels wouldn't work, would be due to not enough panels in the room, or the ceiling is too high.

Would the real acoustic panels look like the loaners?

The loaners, are not covered with fabric and are only designed to be functional, not pretty, and the loaner panels are all the same size, where the real panels may be different sizes.

How do I arrange for the loaner panel drop off?

Make sure that you approve the quote, then email Sara at to arrange the loaner panel drop off.

What do the real acoustic panels look like?

The acoustic panels we install, are covered in professional acoustically transparent fabric. We manufacture the panels in our facility in Oakville, we deliver them, and we install them at a time that is convenient to you.

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