acoustic panel fabric

Acoustic Panel Fabric

What is so special about acoustic panel fabric?

Fabric that covers the acoustic panel, has to be acoustically transparent. That means, the fabric must let sound travel through unimpeded to the acoustic panel. The fabric should have a low STC rating and a low NRC rating.

Is there material manufactured for that purpose?

Yes, there are several manufactures that we use, that produce fabric that is certified for acoustic panels.

How many options are there for acoustically transparent fabric?

We have over 100 different styles and colours. We primarily use a vendor from Montreal that makes all their own fabric in Canada. The Fabric has a Class A fire rating.

What if I can't find the right style or colour for the acoustic panels?

The next option would be to have a custom logo, text or image printed on special acoustic panel fabric. It is not inexpensive, but the results are stunning. Read more here.

If I make my own panels, can I buy the fabric locally?

You won't be able to purchase professionally looking fabric for acoustic panels, but you can purchase a product that 97% poly and 3% spandex at any Fabricland. This material isn't suitable for commercial spaces as it is not fire rated.

Are there physical samples that are available?

Yes, we have swatches for almost all the acoustic panel fabrics for review. Let us know if you would like us to courier them to you.

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