Acoustic Floor Partitions

Acoustic Felt Floor partitions are made completely out of our polyester acoustic felt, even the feet.

Acoustic Felt Floor Partitions

What are the partitions made from?

They are made up entirely of our acoustic felt board, even the feet. The partition is 2 3/4 inches thick. Made from 2 separate layers of felt.

Can I choose my own colours?

Choose from our Colour chart is at the bottom of the page, and mix and match different colours for the body, the feet etc.

What sizes do they come in?

See below for our sizes and pricing

Who else is making partitions like these?

Zintra makes a product called the Concertina.
Ezobord produces a product called Obi Mobile
Filzfelt makes a similar product, called the Panello Supporto.


4 foot high floor partition

4 feet wide
5 feet wide
6 feet wide
7 feet wide
8 feet wide
$ 480
$ 720
$ 800
$ 880
$ 960

5 foot high floor partition

3 feet wide
4 feet wide
$ 640
$ 720

Imagine Series Colours

Imagine Series colours

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