Prints - Red Green and Gold

Acoustic felt printed with Red Green and Gold thumbnail

Repeatable Acoustic Felt prints - Red Green and Gold

Acoustic felt printed with Red Green and Gold

Prints - Red Green and Gold

Product Details

What sizes does this print come in?

The felt prints are 1/2" thick.

The smallest is 1'x1' and the largest is 4'x8'

The repeatable pattern allows the printed acoustic felt panels to be butted together horizontally and vertically to create an endless wall.


What is the print quality?

This print is a high resolution image.


What are some considerations when purchasing this felt print.

The print is printed on the face of the panel. The panel is made up a 1/2" thick acoustic felt substrate. All four sides will be white. If the panels are not butted to each other, the white sides will be visible.

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How can the felt be cut onsite?

We cut the felt to size as specified, but you can also cut the felt onsite using a utility knife (box cutter).


Do other manufacturers offer the same type of acoustic wall covering?

Yes, Ezobord, Zintra and Turf Design all offer printed felt options.

Product Content

What are the shipping considerations?

If the print is 4'x4' or less, we charge a 25$ flat rate for shipping all prints.

If the product exceeds these dimensions a pallet will be used, and the receiver will need have a forklift with fork extensions at the receiving site. Budget between 300$ to 600$ for this type of shipping.

Shipping and Lead time

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