Felt Wall Configuration Guide

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Calculate how many acoustic tiles your room needs.

How many acoustic tiles do I need?

Felt Wall Configuration Guide

Does the coverage recommendation work for all acoustic products?

The three configurations assume you are applying acoustic 1/2" felt to walls, with the felt providing an NRC of .40

What tools were used in the model proposed?

We based the recommendation using the RT60 formula, and assuming the 6 surfaces in the room are all hard reflective surfaces. The recommended coverage for each scenario will reduce the reverb by 35% to 45%.

Does placement of the product matter?

Ideally perpendicular placement is the best, where possible.

How can I install acoustic tiles on my walls?

Install acoustic tiles with double sided tape and optionally adhesive.

The space that I am addressing is a home theatre or listening room. Does the recommended coverage still apply?

These recommendations are targeted at sound in mid to high frequencies. For a home studio, home theatre or listening room, the implementation of bass traps and 1" to 2" fibreglass acoustic panels would be recommended.

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