cp1919 pulsar wall covering

Acoustic CP1919

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Acoustic wall covering CP1919

Acoustic CP1919

What are the standard dimensions of this wall covering?

The standard dimensions are 8' high by 24' wide.

What is the story behind CP1919 wavetable?

The CP1919 is an image of the first discovered pulsar by Jocelyn Bell Burnell. The original designation of this pulsar was CP 1919, which stands for Cambridge Pulsar at RA 19h 19m.

Read the full story on wiki.

This Pulsar image was featured, and made famous, on the cover of the album "Unknown Pleasures" by the rock band "Joy Division" in 1979

How is it secured to the wall?

There are 2 backing layers, one that is fixed to the wall, and the other floats in front, spaced off the layer fixed to the wall by 2 inches. The floating layer adds rigidity and strength to the structure.

Do other manufacturers offer the same type of acoustic wall covering?

Currently other manufactures (Zintra, Turf Design) provide wall blades but not in any definitive form.

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