Architectural acoustic felt hardware

Acoustic Felt Stand-offs

Stainless steel standoffs are provided to install our 2'x4' Acoustic panels. The standoffs provide a space between the wall and the panel increasing the NRC value to 0.65.

Each standoff come with:

  • Cap
  • Spacer
  • Wall
  • Screw

You will only need a screw driver to install the standoffs.

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Standoffs for acoustic felt panels

Express cable connector

Used for simple aircraft cable hanging requirements. Typically used for Acoustic Clouds.

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Generic cable adjusters for acoustic felt

Ceiling/Floor connector

Typically fastened to the floor and/or the ceiling. There is about 1/2" of movement in cable adjustment.

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Floor and Ceiling connector for panels and ceiling fixtures

Slide-on connector

This cable adjuster slides on the acoustic felt, with a recessed bolt that secures the felt.

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Slide on connector for PET Felt

Barrel Wire Adjuster

Unlimited aircraft cable adjustment, fastened to single baffles that use our 1/2" aluminum cap extrusion.

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Wire adjuster for Acoustic baffles