Architectural acoustic felt hardware

Ceiling Hardware Options

Adhesive for acoustic felt

Choose either the spray adhesive (non-permanent) or the construction adhesive (permanent).

Please make a selection during the check-out process.

Instructions on how to use each adhesive, please see the "Assembly and Installation" section below.

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Adhesive options for acoustic felt

Tbar Clips

Floor Connector

Typically fastened to the floor. There is about 1/2" of movement in cable adjustment.

Screws not provided to fasten to the floor.

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Floor and Ceiling connector for panels and ceiling fixtures

Ceiling Connector with Toggle Bolt

Typically used in drywall ceilings. The toggle bolt slides through the middle of the connector.

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Floor and Ceiling connector for panels and ceiling fixtures

Black Plastic End Caps

Plastic End Caps press into the 3/4" Hollow cube.

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Aluminum 3/4" Angle

3/4" Aluminum angle is provided to create a rigid frame on the back of the flat cloud.

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Aluminum 3/4" Hollow Square Cube

The anodized aluminum hollow cubes are used to support acoustic blades in an assembly.

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Aluminum 1/2 Uchannel

The anodized aluminum channel fits overtop of our baffles, keeping them straight.

For the single baffle installation method, a small bead of glue is recommended.

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Easy Anchor with Screw

Easy anchors to be used in our stand-offs, for our 2x4 acoustic wall panels

No special tools required to install, just a screwdriver.

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Toggle Anchor Bolt for Ceiling

Toggle bolts are supplied for the installation of the Angle L Bracket Ceiling fixture, into drywall ceilings.

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1/16 Aircraft Cable Swages

Swages are crimped with crimping or regular pliers. Swages are provided with all of our products that make use of our L Brackets.

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1/16 Aircraft Cable

1/16" Thick aircraft cable works with all of our wire adjusters and fasteners.

Holding strength is 368 lbs.

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L Bracket Ceiling Fixture

Installs to drywall ceiling with toggle bolts provided. Most commonly used with our Single Acoustic Baffle.

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Acoustic Felt Stand-offs

Installs into drywall with screws and wall plugs provided. Most commonly used to install our 2'x4' Acoustic wall panels.

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Standoffs for acoustic felt panels

Express cable connector

Used to easily adjust and fasten our 1/16 Aircraft cable to felt products.

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Generic cable adjusters for acoustic felt

Ceiling/Floor connector

Floor and Ceiling connector for panels and ceiling fixtures

Slide-on connector

This cable adjuster slides on the acoustic felt, with a recessed bolt that secures the felt.

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Slide on connector for PET Felt

Barrel Wire Adjuster with Self Drilling Screw

Barrel cable adjusters are fastened to metal channels and cubes with self drilling screws.

The Barrel cable adjuster allows for easy adjustment of cable length.

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Wire adjuster for Acoustic baffles