acoustic echo cancellation

Acoustic echo cancellation (AEC)

What is Acoustic echo cancellation?

AEC is usually software that is designed to counteract the sound of echo on a telephone line. Typically echo is caused by digital or voip lines. Digital lines can have a delay and repeat issue.

How does this problem relate to acoustic panels?

When customers call us and describe their problem as the party on the other end of the call can hear an echo, we often have to determine if the echo is from the room, or from the telephone system. The easy way to tell, is to use your cell phone in that room, put it on speaker phone mode and call someone in the same building. If the party on the other end still reports and echo, then your echo is a room echo. If the echo is no longer evident, the echo was related to the phone system.

Is there another way to test for an echo in the room?

Yes, simply stand near the middle the room and clap your hands once hard, and simply listen for reverb or echo. Echo isn't always reflected back perfectly, so it might sound like a distorted echo.

What do I do if there is room echo?

Our acoustic panels can help with echo in your office or echo in your boardroom. We can provide you with a estimate, if you can send a few pictures and dimensions of the space. Follow these simple instructions.

Will the acoustic panels really help?

Sound will reflect around the room thousands of times, before it dissipates. Acoustic panels capture the sound and stop the ongoing reflections. Read about acoustic panels for offices.

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