Acoustic Diffusers

What is an acoustic diffuser?

An acoustic diffuser is an object that is placed in a room to scatter sound reflections.

Wiki defines acoustic diffusers as a device that causes the sound energy to be radiated in many directions. When the sound is reflected perfectly, it is perceived as an echo. Sound that is broken up, upon reflection is not perceived as an echo or reverb.

Auditorium works posted an elegant diffuser on Google Plus.

What styles do they come in?

They are typically made of wood, and come in sizes from 6"x6" upwards of 4'x8'

How are they installed?

They can be installed with zclips


Where are acoustic diffusers primarily used?

Acoustic diffusers are primarily used in Music and Video Studios.

Can I make my own diffuser?

Yes, you can make your own.

The DSProject gives us step by step instructions on how to make an acoustic diffuser:

Why aren't acoustic diffusers more popular?

Because acoustic diffusers are made of multi-layered objects that protrude from the wall up to six inches, they don't fit in well on office or restaurant walls.

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