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Desktop Privacy Nooks

Acoustic Desktop Privacy Nooks made to order. Create a comfortable private space on large communal office desks.

Desktop Privacy Nooks

Do they come as multiple units ?

The nooks are customizable and can be continuous up to 8 feet long.

What if I need a nook longer than 8 feet?

You can simply butt them together if needed, secure them with our acoustic clip.

What sizes do they come in?

Our nooks can range from 6 inches high to 24 inches high, and 1 foot long to 8 feet long

How customizable are they?

Because we manufacture them here in Oakville, we customize colours, sizes, add logos etc.

How thick are they?

These nooks are 1" thick to provide extra rigidity.

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Sara Thackray

call or text 905-399-2481

Some of the styles we offer:

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