acoustic desk partitions for desks in the office

Acoustic desk partitions

Trying to manage the noise in an open office?

Acoustic desk partitions are a great way to provide some privacy to the end user, and to dampen the noise escaping the desk area. Unfortunately acoustic panels are not good desktop partitions.

Where do I buy acoustic desk partitions?

Unfortunately, we do not provide these partitions. Try

Here is another option:

But why can't acoustic panel help?

Acoustic panels will help dampen and stop sound reflecting of off walls and ceilings, but won't help with the noise coming immediately from the desk beside you.

Is there another solution?

Yes, sound masking is a great solution. visit Environmental Acoustics at

What is sound masking?

Sound masking is a technology that broadcasts a special frequency throughout the room, that masks voices, so they can not be heard clearly by other parties in the room.

How about the ceiling tiles in my room?

Yes, replace those, with ceiling tiles that have an NRC rating of at least .80 that is the cheapest way to reduce the sound reflections, and you can install them yourself.

Will carpet help?

Installing a sound absorbing material on the floor will definitely help the sound reflections in the room, but won't address the privacy issue

What if another vendor recommends acoustic panels to help with privacy issues?

If another Vendor recommends acoustic panels to help with privacy issues, please ask for a full money back guarantee. Acoustic panels will not help with soundproofing, or privacy issues in an open office.

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