acoustic panel coverage calculator for acoustic panels

Acoustic panel coverage calculator

Trying to calculate how much acoustic panel coverage you will require in your office or restaurant?

The formula we use is the volume of the room x .03. This equation resolves to the number of square feet of acoustic coverage required.

Can you show me an example?

For a room that is 10 feet wide by 20 feet long, and 10 feet high.

Find the volume of the room. In this case, multiply Width x length x height. That would translate into "10 x 20'x 10" which equals 2,000 cubic feet.

Now multiply the volume, which is 2,000 by .03. The answer is 60. You will need 60 square feet of acoustic coverage.

A 2'x4' acoustic panel has 8 square feet of coverage, a 4'x8' acoustic panel has 32 square feet of acoustic coverage.

Given the 6o square feet of required, you will need either 7 or 8 2'x4' acoustic panels or 2 4'x8' acoustic panels.

What if I can't get the coverage required?

If you can get half the required coverage you may only notice 15% to 20% reduction in noise.

Where is the best place to install acoustic treatment?

Should acoustic treatment go on the walls or ceilings? It is not so much, walls or ceilings but perpendicular surfaces, acoustic panel placement is just as important as the amount of coverage.

We can install acoustic panels on the walls and ceilings.

What other factors are there besides acoustic coverage?

The sound absorption effectiveness of the acoustic treatment is important, otherwise known as the NRC value. An acoustic treatment with an NRC rating of .85 to .90 is ideal for offices and restaurants. Treatments with a higher rating can be bulky. Typically 1" acoustic panels have the appropriate rating for offices and restaurants.

How much reduction in noise can I expect if I follow the formula?

You can expect about 35% to 45% reduction in noise in your office or restaurant.

Here are some other sites that offer acoustic coverage calculations

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