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How do I calculate the acoustic square footage required in my office, home office or home studio?

We use the RT60 formula, you can use the calculator below to determine how many of our 2'x4' acoustic wall panels you will need to reduce reverb in your space.

We have 3 versions of the 2'x4' acoustic panels for sale online. (All have the same noise absorption values)
1) Standard acoustic panel
2) Beveled horizontal lines acoustic panel
3) Criss-cross acoustic panels

Wall Coverage Calculator

How many 2'x4' Acoustic Panels
do I need? (Each wall panel has a value of.65 NRC)

acoustic calculator for wall panels

Ceiling Coverage Calculator

How many square feet of Ceiling Baffles
do I need? (Each baffle has a value of .85 NRC)

What assumptions does the calculator include?

The above calculators assumes that you have hard surfaces on your walls, ceiling and floors. This calculator has been designed with our 2'x4' acoustic wall panels in mind.

Does placement of acoustics make a diffference?

Yes, ideally two perpendicular walls should be treated if possible.

Here are some other sites that offer acoustic coverage calculations

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