acoustic consultants

Acoustic consultants

What is an acoustic consultant?

An acoustic consultant is someone that makes recommendations related to sound abatement issues.

What tools do they use?

They will typically use a set of tools onsite, such as sound meter, and a computer software program to model and solve the sound and noise issues. The computer software will simulate the behaviour of sound in the environment that is what measured. It may also provide recommendations, to solve the sound issues

What do the consultants submit to the client afterwards?

Typically the consultants will submit a report, with their observations, the report will also include recommendations to solve the sound issue, as it pertains to the client's requirements. For example, if the client is the City of Toronto, and they engage an acoustic consultant to make recommendations on the noise from a local highway. The consultant will , take sound readings at the site, and submit a report will include a solution to effectively reduce the noise level in the given residential area, to the level acceptable to the bylaws. This may include a recommendation to build a sound barrier on the highway, or a berm near the sidewalk etc.

How much do they cost?

When we engage and acoustic consultant for an analysis of a room, we budget about five thousand dollars. This is often cost prohibitive for smaller jobs as, the complete acoustic panel installation may only cost five thousand dollars.

Why don't acoustic consultants install acoustic solutions?

This may appear to be a conflict of interest, as it might be seen as the consultants trying to promote their own products. They do make recommendations in their report, for other vendors products, if they feel they are a good fit.

Can anyone hire an acoustic consultant?

Yes, you could hire an acoustic consultant to spec out your home theater, or to recommend panel placement in your office. Typically they are utilized on larger type of jobs.

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