acoustic blankets

Acoustic blankets

What are acoustic blankets?

Acoustic blankets are designed for temporary acoustic relief in a room with poor acoustics.

What are they made of?

They are usually made of durable porous software material, but strong enough so that it won't tear when moved or pulled.

What is an example of an acoustic blanket?

A shipping blanket is a good example of acoustic type blanket. it will absorb much of the noise in the room, and can be easily draped of furniture, couches etc. You can also fix the blanket to the wall with temporary fasteners.

Do acoustic blankets really work?

Yes, they do not look good, but they do work. The easy way to tell how they work, is to take the blankets out of the room all at once, then go back in the room.

Can they be made?

An acoustic blanket is not more than a piece of soft material, that you can get at Fabricland. Go to a fabric store and simply talk or breathe through  the fabric, when you hear very little audio reflection, you have found the right material. This material should not be acoustically transparency it actually should have absorb the sound itself.

Alternative to blankets?

Acoustic panels are an economical alternative solution to acoustic blankets. The panels can be moved from room to room if needed. Should your business move, the panels can go with you.

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