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Acoustic Baffles

Do you manufacture the baffles?

We make them here in Oakville

What colour options are available?

There are 24 colours to choose from. Colour chart is at the bottom of this page.

Can we have the blades different heights, or implement our own design.

Yes we can customize the baffles.

Are these similar to Zintra or Ezobord?

Yes, this cloud is a product in our "Imagine Series" acoustic products. Zintra and Ezobord also manufacture this product. We recommend looking at their products also.

Are there samples available?

Yes, we can send a sample of both the colours, the material and a scaled down version of the 3d acoustic cloud.

What type of installation methods do you implement?

There are three different methods to choose from, directly into the baffle with aircraft cable, with an extrusion across the top, or an extrusion through the baffle.

Imagine Series Colours

Imagine Series colours

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Some of the styles we offer:

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