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Acoustic Baffles

What is an acoustic baffle?

An acoustic baffle is an acoustic medium, that hangs from the ceiling in your line of sight. Here is the Wiki definition. Here is an explanation from An acoustic baffle behaves like an acoustic panel, but instead of being fixed flat to a surface like an acoustic panel, they hang suspended.

What styles do they come in?

Acoustic baffles come in cylinder shape, rectangle and square shapes.

How are acoustic baffles installed?

For cylinder type of acoustic baffle, there is usually one fastener. For Rectangle and square baffles, two points of contacts are usually used. The baffles are usually hung 2" to 6" off the ceiling by chains or aircraft cable.


What do cylinder acoustic baffles look like?


What do rectangle and square acoustic baffles look like?


What is the difference between acoustic panels, acoustic baffles and acoustic clouds?

Acoustic baffles, hang vertically in your line of sight, acoustic clouds hang horizontally in your line of sight, acoustic panels are installed 1" off the ceiling and tend to blend in with the ceiling.

When should acoustic baffles be used?

Acoustic baffles can be used when the ceiling is high enough for the baffles to remain out of the sight line. Armstong recommends baffles for schools, offices, transport hubs. Otherwise Acoustic panels are more cost effective.

When should acoustic baffles NOT be used?

Acoustic baffles can not be used if the baffles will fall below a sprinkler head. If baffles hange below a sprinkle head, they baffles will interfere with the spray pattern, may void your insurance (related to fire) and would be in violation of the Canadian Building Code and Fire code.


What type of finish do the acoustic baffles have?

They tend to be coloured or white shapes, not wrapped in fabric and not printable. The best way to describe them would be "monolithic". sells baffles that are mildew resident, good for pool and hygiene related areas.

What is involved in installing acoustic baffles?

Typically a cylinder baffle is hung by one wire. Square and rectangle baffles are hung with two wires. The challenge to installing acoustic baffles is the sheer number of wires that need to be installed on the ceiling, and getting the baffles absolutely level, even when the ceiling is not.

Can I buy baffles and install them myself?

Yes, you can. Ecophon manufactures baffles. Armstrong also sells acoustic sound baffles, Armstrong also has a Canadian site. Acoustical surfaces is a supplier out of Minnesota . Soundsorba is a great European option.  ATS Acoustics is out of the States but ships to Canada. Acoustical Solutions provide vinyl acoustic baffles. Conweddesignscape , and also provides acoustic baffles. provides fabric covered baffles. If you live in Alberta, Acoustic solutions is a distributor in Edmonton. Enoise control is out of Westfield Indiana.

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